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Ready, Steady, Go!

“We climb corporate ladders and stair masters with equal dedication. We navigate career hi-ways and afterschool lift clubs. We love our spouses, our children, our jobs and our homes. We want nice cars, designer shoes and good schools for our children. We want it all and we want it now. We’re not giving anything up, especially not ourselves.”

PQube can help you do this and more.

PQube’s goal is to transform your life on a personal and a professional level. Many companies and individuals are looking for new ways to add value and meaning to their daily activities.  Many of them find that life and business coaching provides them with the opportunity to make this lasting change in their lives.

PQube instills accountability, effectiveness and drive in the form of brush strokes to complete the artwork of your existence.

The Team


Leona van Heerden
Life and Business Coach and Trainer

Leona is a certified NLP life and business coach and an Imago Educator and coach.  She has extensive leadership and business experience and is proactive, friendly and establishes rapport with people effortlessly.  She generously gives of her time and resources for the benefit of the participants.  She constantly inspires others by passionately sharing experience, success, failures and creative ways to improve situations and results.

It is important to her to grow as a person and understand what drives her and how to gain personal freedom to live a more meaningful and joyful life.  Her insight and compassion coupled with her direct nature makes her style of coaching unique, yet highly affective and of great value.

Leona is known for her passion, commitment and dedication to anyone she works with.  She has a capacity for deep listening and works intuitively with each client or couple, person-centred.


• Honours BA Communications
• Certified NLP Life and Business Practitioner and Coach
• Hypnotherapy
• Imago relationships Educator and Coach
• A Course in Miracles – Foundation for Inner Peace
• Situational Leadership

Geoff Dodd

Business Consultant

Geoff has 15 years consulting experience working for leading consulting firms such as Andersen, KPMG and Deloitte. He is  part-time lecturer also a lecturer in the following subjects:

• Business Management
• Corporate Strategy
• Marketing
• Marketing Management
• Project Management

Geoff has considerable experience working in multiple industries such as Finance, Pharmaceutical, Education, Utilities and FMCG amongst others. He is confortable developing solutions for large business as well as small concerns.

Geoff believes that there is never enough to learn and people have the potential to make a difference in their lives and their surroundings.

He is focussed on practical solutions that are formulated around customer needs and not the other way around.


• B.Com. Marketing Management (Hons.)
• Masters of Business Leadership

_Steve Profile bw
Steve Peralta

Wellness Coach and Trainer

With authentic health and wellness comes more potent and vital leadership. Steve Peralta, well-known fitness and wellness coaching expert, uses bespoke one-on-one or team coaching to help identify the root causes of less than optimal performance and productivity.

Following a range of physical and physiological assessments, he aims to bring each client into a state of relative balance through a personalised corrective exercise program, individualised nutritional plan and practical stress management and energy cultivation strategies.

Steve’s unique blend of Wellness Coaching is aimed at helping people look, feel and perform their best through an integration of exercise, nutrition, stress management, education and mindfulness.

Steve Peralta is also available as a motivational speaker and provides highly engaging and effective talks on n a wide range of topics related to health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, back pain, corporate wellness, goal setting, stress management and energy cultivation.

Returning from London where he worked as Corporate Wellness Consultant from BBraun Medial UK, Steve currently works as a Private Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer in Johannesburg, Gauteng. He is a qualified C.H.E.K Practitioner Level II (US), C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle & Nutritional Coach (US) and Premier Advanced Personal Trainer (UK).

Triphena Dhlamini
Beauty and Wellness Consultant

Tri’s aim is to get women of all ages and cultures to be aware of themselves in terms of how they look, their skincare and holistic wellness and make those a top priority.

She is an internationally qualified Beauty Specialist who is passionate about make-up artistry, skincare and holistic wellness. Her enthusiastic energy to educate women on self-awareness is the fuel that drives her and makes her the ideal specialist that will not only be with you on your special day, but echoing daily in your morning routine as you get ready to face the world – she’s there for you!

Her easy going and fun personality makes her very amicable and her passion for working and meeting new people showcases her inner beauty. She has heaps of positive energy that is evident to any who meets her.

She has worked in the corporate industry and dealt with many clients and various different personalities which have contributed a huge role in developing her people orientated skills and interest in others. She is knowledgeable in her profession and will always go the extra mile to ensure excellent client satisfaction.

She is … “Boldly Beautiful”


• Beauty Specialist – International Diploma (ITEC)
• RegimA – Certified
• Hannon Make-up Certified

Sancia Cilliers
Creative Consultant and Photographer

Who is Sancia (San-kia)? Artsy-Fartsy photographer, cheeky-hippy philosopher. She is a very dedicated, strong, caring, loving, creative and passionate and free spirited old soul.

Her life experiences surpass her age by tenfold. She was born in South Africa but was given the wonderful opportunity at a young age to live in San Francisco and England.

Sancia’s main passion in life is people and photography. She  loves being part of the journey and adventure of the people she guides and coaches. That moment when they start to realize and discover their strengths, potential and passions is priceless.


• Photography Qualification – Vega School of Advertising