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About our team buildings...

“I loved the day and felt that the combination of all the elements worked very well.

Leona herself has such a warm glow about her – she totally believes in what she does and consequently she is really genuine and credible as she has clearly lived the experience.  I enjoyed her humour and her down to earth approach.  She relates to the human condition so well and consequently her unpretentious teaching style allows one to relax and be yourself with her. I would love to pursue NLP more and also to do more courses with her.

Well the makeup was just the cherry on top – what a good learning curve for me and just so much fun.

Thanks you to ALL involved.” -Karen Lamprecht


“In general I really enjoyed the day and can provide further feedback below:

Leona was excellent in the way and style she followed throughout the day. She really kept us all attentive and interested in what she presented. I personally learned allot about my colleagues and how to interact with people.

The photo shoot was fun! They even managed to get me to wear some makeup which was a first.” -Renier Friis


“From a personal experience, I truly enjoyed the day / team building

Leona spoke very well and I walked out of there motivated

As for the make-up thing, well that was lots of fun. I learnt a lot about make-up and how to apply it

Overall the day was awesome!

I enjoyed the day immensely. At the end I felt special and important to the team. More importantly I felt part of the team.

The coaching by Leona pushed all my buttons and I could relate to what she was saying. I realise that whatever you do in life must be of your own accord – if you are waiting for recognition you may just die of old age. Waiting for recognition can lead to resentment and a low self value. I am now evaluating my own self-worth. I also make a conscious effort to listen and look at a person when they are speaking to me.” -Amani Venter


“The makeup was great fun and to see how gorgeous the team is – the inner beauty is there. What a # AWESOME team.
I can only wish that I could have half of Leona’s energy – maybe when the kids have left home in 2025. -Pier-Lynn Pennel


“I just wanted to compliment PQ for the wonderful afternoon we had.  Besides having a motivational speaker, it was great to also get that time to reflect on one’s self, and spend a little more time pampering then we normally have time to do.  Leona got everyone involved and it was nice to also bond with all the Team Managers.  I certainly walked out feeling very positive and uplifted by the workshop.” -Lisa Seinker


“I really enjoyed the team building and Leona did an excellent job with the coaching.

It felt so comfortable and like such an open space – not with other coaching that I’ve been too, which felt so uptight.

The ladies who did the make-up, massages and photos were also awesome.

I’ve learned so much on the day.” -Rina Eloff


“I thoroughly enjoyed the team building with PQ!  It usually feels that stories like that are only told on TV screens but being in his presence made it feel more real and he’s advice about taking one step at a time was extremely useful as I’m always trying to do a 100 things at once.

I loved Leona’s talk! The only disappointment I had with her was that it went too quickly. I have done NLP before and it’s something that I really believe in so it was nice to see the confirmation of how well it works as this reflected on Leona’s attitude and presentation. Well done!

As for the make up this was the cherry on the cake. What fun! Never thought there was so much to learn and even with this simple exercise I got to know my colleagues better!

The photo shoot was fun too and not as easy as it makes out to be when you see models being photographed.

I loved the day and walked away with an uplifting and motivated spirit!” -Alexandra Salgado


“I really enjoyed the team building as the team managers could bond on a more personal level.

The make-up session was great. Learnt many tips there and we had a good laugh. And the photo session was just fantastic.” -Silke Bullerdiek


Testimonials  /  The PQube Way

About our team relationship coaching...


“Communication is something we use in our everyday life, but often we don’t know how to do it, for example at work how do you tell your superior that you don’t agree with what they are doing or in a relationship how to be honest with your partner, without upsetting them.  I think it is all about doing it in the correct manner. It is good to see that people like PQube can help!  All the best. “ -Dido


“This is so great!!! To learn new insights and skills :)” -Jessica


“This is a phenomenal idea!!! Definitely helpful in both preventative and even in the midst of a stormy time.  Many people will find this very useful” - Kesh & Shereez


“Believe this could benefit old and new couples.  Thank you” -Michael and Heather


“If only….I had this when I got married some 17 years ago”  -Celeste


“I’ve been looking for this.  We will never get enough good advice, so I’ll take as much as we can get to have a successful marriage.  Look forward to it” -LeeAnne