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Corporate Greatness Programme


Are your employees lacklustre, stressed and deflated?
Are teams and individuals functioning optimally?
When members of a team don’t work well together, performance and productivity can suffer.
What can you do as employer to motivate staff in a sustainable and practical way?

Pause. Re-ignite passion and commitment from within.
Pause. Improve team dynamics by creating personal and collective awareness.
Pause. Reward star employees and nurture budding leaders.
Pause. Catapult creativity, productivity and ultimately your market lead.


Welcome to Pqube’s Corporate Greatness Programme.

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The Corporate Greatness Programme is a 10 month group development programme designed to explore the potential in each individual by mobilising new thinking patterns, creativity and personal and collective awareness.

Each person who takes part in this life-changing programme will have the advantage of sustained expert guidance and tips, tools and techniques to improved productivity, goal setting, problem solving and planning skills in both a team-related and personal context.

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Team Coaching

You can put a lot of high-performing individuals on a team and still have performance problems. Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team can then focus on its real work, and achieve its objectives. In coaching teams, we focus on interpersonal skills and interactions instead of on individual development (see individually-focused coaching). People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another – otherwise the team’s output will be less than it could be.




Individual Development Coaching

We encourage all organisations, big and small, to be supportive of individual development. Team members may need help to learn new skills, so that they can meet team expectations and follow supporting processes. Each person has a different level of readiness to take the steps necessary to change. As trained life and business coaches, we are sensitive to those differences, and find resources to support each person’s development goals. We pride ourselves on giving feedback regularly, help set individual performance goals, follow up with training opportunities, and model great team behaviours.



Executive Wellness

With authentic health and wellness comes more potent and vital leadership. Through our associate consultant and trainer, well-known fitness and wellness coaching expert Steve Peralta from MFM Corporate Wellness Coaching, we encourage bespoke one-on-one or team coaching to help identify the root causes of less than optimal performance and productivity.  Participants will benefit from Full Assessments, Programme Design and Coaching/Training adapted to suit the individual’s availability.



Team Building for Results

Each team in every organisation should have a well-defined direction as well as the resources and support needed to achieve its goals. If these needs are not met, then you should build a solid team foundation…

Our expert trainers and coaches at PQube thrive on putting together unique and strategic team building exercises that focus on finding the greatness within each individual. From life mapping to corporate beauty make-overs – we will find the solution that will truly motivate your team to improve relationships.

Motivational Speaking

We have a number of expert speakers available, including leading Wellness Coach, Steve Peralta, who provides highly engaging and effective talks on maximising both company and individual success through intelligent and practical wellness and leadership strategies.

Other favourite motivational topics include Relational Connections, Life Planning & Goal Setting, Self-Discipline and Leadership in the Home and Workplace and Accountability in Life and Business.

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Events and Production

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Corporate and Event Photography

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